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blue iceland by andy lee

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25 Stunning Examples of Identity Design


 JP GRAZIANO Concept by Jen Serafini and Jack Muldowney

Jen and Jack wanted to collaborate on a branding project together, so they decided to rebrand their favorite sandwich shop, JP Graziano, as a concept design.

JP Graziano is one of the oldest and most recognized sandwich shops and Italian grocer here in the West Loop of Chicago. They pride themselves on a rich history and generations of a family owned business, which is something Jen and Jack wanted to focus on and celebrate in their new concept. The colors lend themselves to a more traditional Italian look, while the clean and simple typography balances out the style by bringing in some more modern touches. They had a ton of fun building this brand out, from postcards to stickers and sandwich wrappers. 

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Caffè Moro

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Atmospheres by Karezoid Michal Karcz


Kelli Anderson is the best. via Design Work Life

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RikGrafiek / Belgium

Logo and identity for a young IT start-up. Thanks to Stefaan Declerck for helping me out with the photography.


World Cup Stadia

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Bright Light Series by Anastasia Volkova

Canada Olympic Rebrand via abduzeedo

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